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UFF values the international integration of its students and faculty members. To facilitate the establishment of cooperation agreements, UFF's International Cooperation Office (ICO) is available to the academic community, which is formed by the following team members:

Prof. Livia Maria de Freitas Reis
Vice-President for International Cooperation

Adriana Milward de Andrade Maciel
Projects and Mobility Coordinator

Fábio Domingues Watenberg
Academic Cooperation Coordinator

Mobility Division

The Mobility Division takes care of all the procedures involved in receiving and sending students away. The international students are given orientation, and all the documentation is sent to host university. There is also personal meetings with international students and UFF students who wish to participante in International Mobility.

Cintia Fernandes
Incoming Mobility

Vitor Ierusalimschy
Incoming Mobility

Gabriela Okamoto
Incoming Mobility - Intern

Neuziane Cardoso
Outgoing Mobility

Gabriel Ayala
Outgoing Mobility

Geraldo Nunes
Outgoing Mobility

Melissa Guterres
Outgoing Mobility

José Brito Júnior
Outgoing Mobility - Intern


Agreements Division

The Agreements Division is responsible for the formalization and management of agreements between UFF and international universities. They are in charge of the necessary contacts and procedures for the execution of the different work processes related to international agreements and mobility.

Bruno Böck

Eduardo Oliveira

Gabriela Brandão

Projects Division

The Projects Division is responsible for updating the website, services of consulting, assisting the internal and external academic community, supporting institutional events of the ICO and general diffusion of information, as well as other activities. This Division is also responsible for the Programs and Projects of language teaching organized by the ICO.

Eduardo Oliveira

Gabriel Ayala

Bárbara Ferreira
Projects - Intern

Vitor Ierusalimschy

Caio Macedo
Communication - Intern

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