Graduate courses

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Biosystems Engineering (Master)
Chemical Engineering (Master)
Civil Engineering (Master/PhD)
Industrial Engineering (Master/PhD)
Mechanical Engineering (Master/PhD)
Metallurgical Engineering (Master/PhD)
Telecommunications Engineering (Master)

Applied Social Sciences

Architecture and Urbanism (Master/PhD)
Business Management (Master)
Communication (Master/PhD)
Constitutional Law (Master)
Economics (Master/PhD)
Information Science (Master/PhD)
Media and Daily Life (Master)
Social Policy (Master/PhD)
Tourism (Master)


Anthropology (Master/PhD)
Culture and Regional Studies (Master/PhD)
Education (Master/PhD)
Geography (Master/PhD)
History (Master/PhD)
Teaching in History (Master)
Homeland Security and Strategic Studies (Master)
Philosophy (Master)
Political Science (Master/PhD)
Psychology (Master/PhD)
Social Work and Regional Development (Master)

Biological Sciences

Applied Ethical, Bioethical & Public Health (Master/PhD)
Applied Microbiology and Parasitology (Master/PhD)
Biomedical Science (Master/PhD)
Marine Biology (Master/PhD)
Sciences and Biotechnology (Master/PhD)

Exact and Earth Sciences

Chemistry (Master/PhD)
Computer Sciences (Master/PhD)
Environmental Technology (Master/PhD)
Geosciences (Master/PhD)
Mathematics (Master/PhD)
Physics (Master/PhD)
Ocean and Earth Dynamics (Master/PhD)

Language, Literature and Arts

Arts Contemporary Studies (Master)
Arts Science (Master)
Language Studies (Master/PhD)
Literary Studies (Master/PhD)

Health Sciences

Cardiovascular Sciences (Master/PhD)
Child and Mother Health (Master)
Dentistry (Master/PhD)
Health Sciences Care (Master/PhD)
Medical Sciences (Master/PhD)
Neurology Medicine (Master/PhD)
Neurosciences (Master/PhD)
Nursing (Master)
Pathology (Master/PhD)
Public Health (Master)
Veterinary Medicine (Master/PhD)

Multidisciplinary Studies

Computer Simulation in Science and Technology (Master)
Diversity and Inclusion (Master)
Heath Products Applied Sciences (Master/PhD)
Sociology and Law (Master/PhD)


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