Arrival Procedures

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Arrival Certificate

Please attend the International Cooperation Office to sign the Arrival Certificate of your university. It is a mandatory step, to be done in your first week in Brazil.



Student Visa

Every foreign student doing International Mobility at UFF must arrive in Brazil with a Student Visa. It is also a mandatory step.



Health Insurance

A mandatory procedure taken in your country of origin (that must be valid during the whole period of your stay in Brazil) and it must be presented at the International Office upon your arrival.



Enrollment in Courses

The Study Plan made on your online application is provisory. The enrollment for the semester will be done at the International Office.



National Migratory Registry Card

The National Migratory Registry Card (CRNM in Portuguese) is mandatory and must be obtained at the Federal Police of Brazil on the first 30 days upon your arrival. See more at this link (in Portuguese).



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