Portuguese for Foreigners

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The ICO offers two course formats of Portuguese for Foreigners designed to undergraduate students doing International Mobility at our university:

The Crash Course on Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture has a course load of 20 hours. It is mandatory that students have basic knowledge of Portuguese prior to taking it.

The dates for the course are available on this link and it is aimed at students participating in international mobility for undergraduate studies.

Two classes will be offered (Hispanic and Multicultural) with a schedule to be determined upon arrival of the international student at our University.

Portuguese lessons offered through the elective course Portuguese as a Foreign Language (code GLC00295 - Português Língua Estrangeira), with a course load of 60 hours, during one semester taken at UFF.

The course will count with the support of a tutor, who will assist foreign students individually in a pre-determined schedule. For further information, contact the Incoming Mobility Division at mobilidadeinsri@id.uff.br.

For this course, there will be a placement test at the beginning of classes, and students will be divided between Basic and Advanced.


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