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The International Cooperation Office (ICO), in portuguese Superintendência de Relações Internacionais (SRI), develops and encourages the internationalization policies at the Universidade Federal Fluminense. With a proactive attitude, our policies include establishing cooperation agreements with foreign Universities and the administration of Student Mobility Program for UFF students going to foreign Universities and foreign students coming to UFF.

Open to faculty members, students and staff, ICO works with UFF's administrative bodies in order to build a common Project for the Internationalization of the University, which goes through organizations, faculty members, students and administrative staff. As language knowledge is essential to the internationalization, ICO works alongside the Institute of Language and Literature in the administration of the Foreign Languages Universalization Program (PULE) and the Languages without Borders Program (Idiomas sem Fronteiras).


  • Mobility for UFF students interested in studying in international universities;
  • Mobility for students from international institutions who wish to study at UFF;
  • International cooperation agreements;
  • Guidance to professors interested in establishing international cooperation agreements;
  • Assistance to foreign students and help regarding the internal process at UFF;
  • Management of projects related/correlated to the International Relations area;
  • Foreign language courses to UFF students (PULE);
  • Access to Portuguese language habilitation to foreigners (PLE);
  • Articulation with foreign universities and international organizations;
  • Aim towards the institutionalization of internationalization actions within the different university bodies.
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